logic workshop

BU Logic Workshop

On May 4th and 5th I'll be hosting a workshop on the philosophy of logic at BU. The purpose of the workshop is to get together some philosophers who care about (loosely speaking) the metaphysics and epistemology of logic but are approaching it from quite different subfields/background assumptions, and hope something fruitful follows. The workshop is open to all but please email me (michaelamcs AT gmail DOT com) to RSVP. I will put more details (location, schedule, etc.) here once they are cemented.

Funding: Thanks to the Boston University Humanities Center and the Boston University Philosophy Department for generously funding the workshop.


Justin Clarke-Doane

Sandra Lapointe

Michaela McSweeney

Gillian Russell

Josh Schechter

Jason Turner


Chairs/Commentators at large

David Builes (MIT)

Kelly Gaus (MIT)

Rachael Molenaar (BU)

Katherine Valde (BU)

Aja Watkins (BU)

Mallory Webber (MIT)